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Dental implants are a versatile tooth replacement options that can replace part or all of your smile. Unlike dentures or dental crowns, implants replace the root as well as the visible portion of your tooth, providing a longer-lasting and more robust solution for missing teeth. However, just because dental implants may be “false” teeth doesn’t mean that you can slack on oral hygiene. In fact, proper care of your implants is important to their continued function and good overall health. Here are some tips for taking good care of your dental implants.

Use Proper Brushing Techniques

Immediately following surgical placement of the implant, you may not be able to use a toothbrush in the part of your mouth that has received the dental implant. In order to prevent plaque build-up, use a very soft toothbrush to gently clean the area. Once the dental implant has been placed and the wound is healed, resume your normal brushing routine.

Floss and Rinse

Maximum plaque removal is crucial to maintaining the function of your dental implants. Flossing is very important, as it removes plaque and debris missed by brushing. You can floss at any step of the implant process. Interdental brushes can also help you clean hard-to-reach areas between your dental implants. Finish your oral care routine with an antibiotic mouth rinse. Ask your Renton dentist to recommend the best brushes, floss, and rinses to keep your implants clean and healthy.

Get Regular Check-Ups

Your Renton dentist plays a crucial role in caring for your dental implants. Your dentist will decide how often these check-ups should take place, but they are usually at intervals of three to six months. During a check-up, your dentist will inspect and clean your implants, teeth, and gums. Regular dental check-ups are also important for preventing serious oral problems, such as periodontitis.