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Many people enjoy having a straight smile for the confidence that it gives them. Dentists like aligned teeth because of the oral health advantages they provide. While cosmetic dentistry aims to provide patients with more attractive smiles, treatment can also result in noticeably healthier teeth. If you want to protect your teeth from the common clinical drawbacks of a crooked smile, a dentist in Renton can help you safeguard them with teeth-straightening treatment.

Less Enamel Erosion

Family dentists know that bite issues can impact oral health. When a person suffers from an underbite, crossbite, or overbite, he may be putting undue force on his teeth each time he chews his food. A well-aligned smile allows teeth to come together in a healthy formation. In contrast, bite problems might cause teeth to knock and scrap against each other, which can result in enamel chips, cracks, and general erosion. With Invisalign care, a dentist can move teeth into proper alignment so that they no longer cause damage to each other.

Minimized Tooth Decay Dangers

The bacteria in a person’s mouth are constantly formulating a sticky substance called plaque that adheres to tooth enamel and weakens it. That is why dentists encourage their patients to brush twice a day and floss once a day to prevent the accumulation of this substance. When teeth are straight, it is easy to clean each of their surfaces. If a person suffers from a crooked or crowded smile, though, it can become more difficult to reach every section of enamel. As a result, plaque can build on teeth and contribute to tooth decay problems.

Lower Gum Disease Risk

Tooth decay and gum disease often develop in tandem. Plaque not only damages tooth enamel, but also irritates surrounding gum tissues. Gum inflammation can then lead to gum recession, which destroys tissue fibers and leaves teeth roots exposed and vulnerable to further damage. Uneven teeth are a risk factor for plaque formation and subsequently gum disease. As a result, the longer that a person lives with a crooked smile, the more likely he may be to experience this issue. Teeth-straightening treatment can effectively prevent the problem of gum disease by creating an even smile that is easy to clean and keep plaque-free.