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Tooth loss can impact a person’s quality of life in multiple ways. Not only can it diminish a person’s smile, but also it can make speaking and eating more difficult. If you suffer from missing teeth, contact a restorative dentist who is qualified to provide dental implants in Renton. Dental implant surgery is quickly becoming a popular alternative to other restorative dentistry options because of its many benefits.

Lasting Restorative Treatment

Bridges and dentures can help patients smile with greater confidence and eat with more ease. However, neither restorative dentistry option offers the same level of permanence as dental implants. These devices are the closest replication of actual teeth. For one, a dentist implants a titanium post into the jaw so that it can fuse to the bone, creating a foundation much like a tooth root. Additionally, dental implants expose only the crown, which is made to mimic the look of the tooth that it is replacing. Held together by a durable support, both the titanium post and crown can last many decades with proper oral care.

Enhanced Appearance

Advances in dentistry technology now allow patients to address their tooth loss with treatment options so close in appearance to real teeth that even friends and family members cannot detect their presence. In particular, people like dental implants because of how well they fit in the mouth and look like actual teeth. Especially when dental implants address the loss of front teeth, they can dramatically enhance the look of a person’s smile.

Better Oral Health

Many people seek dental implants because of the cosmetic benefits they can provide. What some patients may not realize, though, is how important these devices can be to the rest of their teeth. Tooth loss is not an isolated condition. Once it occurs, it can continue to impact the teeth a person still has. Teeth rely on each other for support, so when tooth loss happens, the teeth surrounding the empty pocket may become unstable as well. They may even shift in position, which can cause additional cosmetic and clinical problems. In extreme cases, more missing teeth can result. Dental implants reinforce the stability of the remaining teeth and can help patients avoid dental issues in the future.