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Tooth decay can occur as the result of poor oral hygiene, certain medications, lifestyle choices, and disease or illness. If you or your dentist can spot the early warning signs of tooth decay, you can avoid a costly visit to an emergency dentist or restorative dentist. Untreated tooth decay can cause tooth loss, or necessitate a tooth extraction by a dentist. A Renton dentist can help you avoid the need for dental implants, porcelain veneers, and dental crowns.

The signs and symptoms of tooth decay may vary, depending upon the severity of the condition. Initial symptoms may include a mild to severe toothache and tooth sensitivity in response to hot or cold temperatures. You may also experience pain when biting, chewing, or grinding your teeth.

The primary visible symptoms of tooth decay are holes or pits in the crowns of your teeth. You may also notice that your teeth have become discolored by brown or black stains. You can decrease your risk of tooth decay by visiting your family dentist regularly for professional teeth cleanings, and practicing excellent oral hygiene at home.