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Have you been experiencing symptoms of tooth decay near Renton? Any form of tooth decay can result in mild to moderate toothache. But when tooth decay is severe, it causes a dental abscess that must be treated by a dentist. This painful infection results from the accumulation of bacteria in the tooth’s center. It is essential to visit a dentist right away, as an untreated infection can spread to the jaw bone. Keep reading to learn more about how severe pain, general discomfort, and noticeable swelling signify an infected tooth.

Severe Pain

Tooth pain is one of the primary signs of an infected tooth that needs dentalcleanings, dental exams as well as dental check ups. By the time your tooth is severely infected, or abscessed, there is a prominent infection. A severe infection almost always results in sharp pain, which may be so severe that you have trouble sleeping or focusing. Additionally, pain may increase when you chew or close your mouth tightly. Pain from an infected tooth generally becomes sharper when the tooth is touched, even during the course of regular brushing and flossing. Sometimes dental fillings can help with this issue.

General Discomfort

Many people who report to a cosmetic dentist with a tooth abscess and need dental care also have flu-like symptoms or general discomfort. For example, some patients run a fever in addition to suffering from a toothache. Others feel uneasy or ill but cannot quite determine the source. Patients may also have swollen neck glands. Because a fever and swollen glands are also associated with bacterial infections like strep throat or viral infections like mono, some people falsely believe they simply have a cavity in conjunction with a different illness.

Noticeable Swelling

A tooth abscess is often markedly swollen due to infection. In addition to the lymph nodes, patients may also experience swollen and red gums. Advanced infection can result in an open, draining sore on the side of the gum. As the infection progresses, pus generally forms in a pocket around the tooth. This can lead to a foul taste in the mouth or bad breath.

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