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Whether you are looking for a new provider of dental care in Renton, or getting ready for your next visit with your family dentist, it is important to be prepared and ask the right questions. A little advanced planning on your part will ensure that your visit goes smoothly and that you are seeing the best person for your particular dental needs.

Do they meet your needs for scheduling, services, and payments?

Are there any non-negotiable criteria that your dentist must meet? Perhaps you have a busy work schedule and need to see a dentist who is open on Saturday mornings. Or maybe your kid is a nervous patient and needs a gentle dentist with experience working with children. Don’t be afraid to ask the basic questions before booking an appointment. Consider whether your dentist’s location is convenient to your home or work. Find out about your payment options and whether your dentist provides financing.

What are their checkups and other procedures like?

Before sitting down in your dentist’s chair, ask what you can expect to experience during your next appointment. If you are going in for a routine checkup, ask what this will entail. Does your dentist provide digital x-rays that are available immediately or will you have to wait for results? Learning about your family dentist’s process is extremely important if you have a child who will also be a patient. Ask your dentist what he or she does to make visits less stressful and more enjoyable for your youngest family members.

Do they offer specific services you want or need?

If you are seeing your dental care provider because of a particular concern, ask in advance if he or she has experience handling the issue that you would like to address. For instance, if you are interested in tooth whitening or braces, make sure that your dental office practices cosmetic dentistry. If your concern is a missing tooth, ask about your dental care professional’s experience with dental implants. It is best to find out in advance if your dental care provider is well versed in addressing the issues that are most important to you.