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Dentures are used when there are no remaining teeth or the remaining teeth are no longer savable. There are 2 main types of dentures, Immediate Dentures and Conventional Dentures. It is important to know about these two different types of dentures because they are used for differing circumstances. The expert team at Valley Dental Group can properly assess what type of dentures you might need. Our restorative and cosmetic dentistry services are designed to help you get your mouth back to normal so you can live comfortably.

Conventional Denture Information

Conventional Dentures are fabricated on a completely edentulous arch meaning no remaining teeth. The entire process for the completion of conventional dentures can take up to 2 months, and a lot of this time is lab turnaround time. At your first appointment we take initial impressions. This allows us to fabricate custom impression trays designed for your mouth only. When you return we take the final impressions using the custom impression trays. This impression is extremely accurate and will give us a working model to make the dentures on. We then fabricate something called a wax rim for your next appointment. After that, the next appointment is the jaw relations appointment. We use the wax rims to determine the extent of the denture. This includes lip support and making sure your bite is the right height and other essential measurements. At this stage, we are almost done! We send the wax rims back to the lab to have them place the denture teeth. Your next visit we try the denture with the teeth in the wax. This allows you to see what the final result will look like and we can make any modifications. The final visit is the delivering the denture. Some follow ups may be needed to resolve some sore spots if they come up and the visits are part of the overall cost of the dentures.

Immediate Denture Information

The other denture is the immediate denture. If you have teeth remaining this is the option most people go with. The denture is placed in at the time the teeth are taken out. The first appointment is impressions and the next appointment is extractions and denture delivery. A 1 day follow up, 1 week follow up, and 3 week follow up are usually recommended as well. The downside to an immediate denture is the fit will change. As the body heals from the extractions the tissue will shrink and the denture will become loose. After final healing (usually about 6 months) we can reline the denture to fit the new tissues or fabricate new conventional dentures. Dentures are a big decision and they a have a learning curve. We at Valley Dental Group want to be your partner and we learn to chew with our new teeth.

Dentures You Can Trust

At Valley Dental Group, we aim to work closely with our patients who need dentures because we know it can be a big adjustment. We do everything possible to ensure that the process is as smooth and pain-free as possible. Our entire staff is dedicated to making the experience quick and efficient so that you can get back to living your normal life. If you or someone you know might need dentures, call us today. A member of our team can give you all of the information you’ll need on pricing and options for our cosmetic and restorative dentistry services with dentures.

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