Dental Pain Not to Ignore Blog

Blog Thumbnail When it comes to pain, many people will either boast that they can handle anything or cringe at the mere thought of getting a papercut. Tooth pain, on the other hand, seems to be the great equalizer, ...
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Teeth Whitening: How to Achieve a Brighter Smile

Blog Thumbnail There is a cheesy effect that some filmmakers use in movies to emphasize how attractive a certain character is: the good ol’ tooth sparkle. You know the one. As soon as it flashes across the ...
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Dentures And Restorative Dentistry Services In Renton

Blog Thumbnail Dentures are used when there are no remaining teeth or the remaining teeth are no longer savable. There are 2 main types of dentures, Immediate Dentures and Conventional Dentures. It is important to ...
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New Patient Blog

Blog Thumbnail At Valley Dental Group, we always love seeing new patients. If you need any type of dental treatment, including cleaning, extractions, and so much more, the best way to get started is to check out ...
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The Importance of Deep Cleanings: Root Planing and Scaling

Blog Thumbnail Your best chance of defeating chronic gum disease After putting off a visit to the dentist for as long as possible, you finally made an appointment and went in for a routine cleaning. You always ...
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Top 5 Reasons You Need to Schedule Your General Cleaning

Blog Thumbnail Your dentist should always stress the importance of taking care of your teeth at home, motivating you to brush and floss every day, usually twice a day unless you’re rushing out the door in the ...
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An Up Close Look at Tooth Sensitivity

Blog Thumbnail One of the most common problems that patients report during dental checkups is sensitive teeth. If you’re suffering from tooth sensitivity near Renton, then there are a number of causes that ...
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Examining Your Risk for Periodontal Disease

Blog Thumbnail The health of your gums is critical to your overall oral wellness, so being aware of your risk for periodontal disease is very important. Also referred to as gum disease, periodontal disease describes ...
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How to Get Used to Invisalign

Blog Thumbnail Have you recently started a treatment plan with Invisalign near Renton? If so, then you may have questions about living with your aligners. Here, you’ll find some helpful tips for getting used ...
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The Process of Filling a Cavity

Blog Thumbnail Fillings are the most commonly performed dental restorations. If you recently had a dental checkup near Renton, and your dentist found areas of tooth decay, then he may have told you that you need ...
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What to Know About Your Wisdom Teeth

Blog Thumbnail When your child reaches her teenage years, you will likely hear about other teenagers and young adults having their wisdom teeth removed. While some people may never need wisdom teeth removal, most ...
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What Sets Valley Dental Group Apart?

Blog Thumbnail Valley Dental Group was established 24 years ago, and the staff continues to serve their patients with the same dedication and care as they always have. With three dentists serving Renton who are ...
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Doing Your Part to Prevent Tooth Decay

Blog Thumbnail Preventing tooth decay near Renton starts with your everyday habits. In addition to seeing your dentist often, you must strive for a healthy dental routine to keep your teeth and gums healthy. ...
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Exploring the Stages of Gum Disease

Blog Thumbnail Gum disease in Renton is a serious concern. It should not be ignored, whether you have the reversible stage of gingivitis or the much more serious stage of advanced periodontitis. If gum disease is ...
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When Is the Right Time for Invisalign?

Blog Thumbnail There is no wrong time to talk to your dentist about Invisalign near Renton. It is never too late to seek out restorative and orthodontic care for yourself. If you are curious about how Invisalign can ...
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Comparing Electric and Manual Toothbrushes

Blog Thumbnail As part of your dental care in Renton, you must brush at least twice a day for two minutes. There are several toothbrushes available, but most dentists suggest a soft to medium toothbrush is best for ...
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Protecting Your Young Athlete's Teeth

Blog Thumbnail It is wonderful when your child wants to enroll in extracurricular sports activities. You want them to be healthy and active, but you also need to consider their dental health in addition to their ...
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An Overview of Common Dental Malocclusions

Blog Thumbnail When a patient has a malocclusion, the dentist is referring to certain bite issues and poor teeth alignment. Some malocclusions are more common than others, but they should all be examined by your ...
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Tips for Preventing Tooth Decay

Blog Thumbnail The best way to prevent tooth decay near Renton is with proper dental hygiene. As every dentist will tell you, daily dental hygiene and regular checkups will go a long way toward helping you avoid ...
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Why Adults Are Choosing Invisalign

Blog Thumbnail Invisalign near Renton is a popular choice to straighten teeth, no matter your age. Teenagers and adults alike are loving treatment with Invisalign. As your dentist can tell you, Invisalign offers a ...
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Maintaining Your Invisalign

Blog Thumbnail There are many great things about Invisalign near Renton. Many dentists love Invisalign because it is easier to wear and more comfortable than traditional braces. Thankfully, Invisalign is also much ...
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Common Causes of Sensitive Teeth

Blog Thumbnail There are plenty of reasons for tooth sensitivity near Renton. From harsh chemicals to cracked teeth, you should work with your dentist to determine why you are experiencing tooth sensitivity. It may ...
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The Benefits of Teeth Whitening

Blog Thumbnail A bright white smile can equip you with the confidence to show it off everywhere you go, but not everyone enjoys this luxury. If you wish your smile was shinier, talk to your family dentist about ...
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The Uses of Dental Crowns

Blog Thumbnail Among the many advancements that the dental industry has experienced in recent years are dental crowns in Renton. A modern tooth crown can be made to look just like your natural teeth, allowing it to ...
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Why You Should Wear a Mouth Guard

Blog Thumbnail You should always take steps to protect your dental health, especially if you are an athlete. If your teeth are at risk for breakage or damage, ask about a custom mouth guard next time you visit your ...
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