Oral Surgery in Renton, WA

At times, issues with teeth and gums require specialized surgery to fully make your mouth healthy again. The expert team at Valley Dental Group has extensive experience with all types of oral surgery and can help with dental implants, tooth extractions, and mitigating the pain and discomfort associated with TMJ disease. Our team of surgery specialists is here to help with your serious dental conditions. Call today for more information on all of our dental surgery services in Renton. A member of our team can walk you through our surgical procedures, payment plans, insurance information, and more.

Dental Surgery Done Right

There are many reasons why oral surgery can be needed, and the most common usually revolve around tooth extraction. Wisdom teeth are the most common form of tooth extraction, but other teeth that begin to cause problems in the mouth are also removed, depending on the scenario. Our Dentist will assess the severity of the tooth extraction and we’ll decide if the procedure can be done in our office or by our wonderful specialist to whom we refer. When front teeth or molar teeth are removed, a dental implant is always installed afterward in a separate oral surgery procedure which will be done by a specialist, to whom we refer. These implants are made from incredibly strong materials that mimic a real tooth and provide the functionality and look of a real root and tooth. Injuries to the mouth and face can require restorative dental surgery as well. In addition, TMJ and malocclusion are also cases in which oral surgery can help and our Dentists can provide information for. The team at Valley Dental Group is expertly trained and our entire staff is dedicated to making your oral surgery experience as comfortable as possible. If you have been experiencing discomfort in your mouth for any reason and regular dentist visits are not solving the issue, you might need a more involved procedure. Valley Dental Group in Renton is here to help.

Tooth Extractions and More

Many people are anxious about dental surgery because they do not know what’s involved or what to expect. At Valley Dental Group, we know that dental surgery procedures of any kind can be a hassle and nerve wrecking. We aim to mitigate these concerns by providing our patients with comprehensive information so they can be better informed about the surgery they are getting. We find that walking our patients through the procedure and what to expect as recovery is helpful in making the overall experience better. As with any surgical procedure, it is expected that some down time will be needed, and that amount of time depends on the type of procedure. Swelling and pain are completely normal and part of the healing process. At Valley Dental Group, we take special care to ensure that our surgery patients are well equipped with medication and pain relief so that their post surgery recovery is smooth.

Dental Surgery Professionals

If routine dental checkups have determined that oral surgery is the best option for you, contact us today. We take immense pride in providing our patients in Renton with the simple oral surgical services because we know that the pain and discomfort from wisdom teeth pressing against gums, rotting teeth, TMJ disease, and more must be taken care of! Do not suffer any longer - the team at Valley Dental Group is here to help with all of your oral surgery needs today.

For the best oral surgery services in Renton, contact Valley Dental Group today at 425-271-1727.

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